German Whist

German Whist

German Whist is a captivating two-player version of Whist
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German Whist is a card game by Meggiesoft Games, which, as its name suggests, represents an electronic version of the quite popular two-player version of Whist improperly named “German Whist” as it was in fact created in England and not in Germany.

I won't consume the space here to summarize how German Whist is played, as its rules are clearly and thoroughly explained in the help file that comes attached to the game. There's also an effective tutorial that new players can use when starting this game for the first time. Anyway, German Whist is a card game that's quite easy to learn but hard to master, as it requires the players to have good memory of both seen and played cards, and the capacity to correctly evaluate the possibility that a visible stock card is more beneficial than the one under it.

As all the other card games from Meggiesoft, German Whist is also packed with an impressive high number of additional options and features. An online multiplayer mode is also available. Customizing the appearance of the main interface or of the card deck is also possible. Just click the “Preferences” menu from the upper side of the game screen to access the many neatly organized options.

Cutting long story short, if you enjoy playing a card game where not only luck, but intuition and good evaluation skills also matter, than you should give German Whist a go. It's really entertaining and addictive.

Margie Smeer
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  • An online multiplayer mode is also included.
  • Many customization options.
  • Details and an effective tutorial and help file


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